8 OPM Songs in English that Made Us Double Check Who the Singer Was

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8 OPM Songs in English that Made Us Double Check Who the Singer Was

Noypi, proudly.

| August 8, 2017

8 OPM Songs in English

that Made Us Double Check

Who the Singer Was

By Patti Sunio

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One, the songs are sung in English. Two, the bands take after a lot of foreign influences. And three, they perform with such talent and brilliance, their songs can take on the world—and have.

While there are many we can surely think of, here’s an attempt at 8 songs that are 100% OPM—but sound very much like foreign acts:

“Butterfly Carnival” by Sandwich

Butterfly Carnival was Sandwich’s carrier single for their debut album Grip Stand Throw, which won Album of the Year, Best New Artist, and Song of the Year at the NU 107 Rock Awards in 1999. Bringing together band members from the best of OPM rock, Sandwich’s first singles take after foreign influences such as Weezer, among others.


“Castaway” by Franco

The band was formed by veterans from the OPM rock scene: Gabby Alipe and Janjan Mendoza of Urbandub, Paolo Toleran of Queso, Buwi Meneses of Parokya Ni Edgar, and Janjan Mendoza, and got Franco Reyes of InYo to become their frontman.

The result of this collaboration was no doubt a strong force that successfully broke through scene, and produced only masterpieces. Castaway is just one of them.


“The Fight Is Over” by Urbandub

When all we’ve been hearing are emotional songs on relationships and breakups, Urbandub’s take on it is a breath of fresh air. And the band has always been that, hailing from Cebu, starting out as an independent band, and bringing to the scene a brand of music that’s distinctly theirs.


“Gemini” by Sponge Cola

Gemini is supercharged with emotions, powerful vocals, poetic lyrics, and even a dramatic video to boot. This is why Spongecola will never be just the band we listened to endlessly in high school, but the band we’ll always come home to, because they’ve got our best interests at heart.