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8 OPM Songs in English that Made Us Double Check Who the Singer Was

Noypi, proudly.

| August 8, 2017

“Gravity” by Rivermaya

Rivermaya’s recent reunion jam reminded us of this song. And while we love the band for many of their patriotic songs in Filipino, we can’t let go of Gravity. It’s light-hearted and cool and just what we needed to listen to (and dance to!) today.


“Truth” by Bamboo

Truth is a song that should be taken seriously despite making you feel like you’re on a sunny beach. Because the music video makes you feel otherwise, like there’s an entirely darker, underlying meaning to the lyrics.


“Hard To Believe” by Eraserheads

Hard To Believe very much sounds like the band’s biggest influence, The Beatles. Yet despite sounding like their idols, the song doesn’t alienate and still very much fits our Eraserheads playlist.


“Victor Could” by Parokya Ni Edgar

While listening to a Parokya ni Edgar mix, we stumble upon this song that makes us double check if it’s actually PNE we’re still listening to!

Known for their crazy lyrics and songs in Filipino slang, Victor Could only shows that the band can make anything—any language, any emotion—sound great!


Know of any other such songs? Tell us about them below!

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