8 of Our Favorite Local Music of 2016

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8 of Our Favorite Local Music of 2016

Last year wasn’t so bad.

| January 5, 2017

8 of Our Favorite Local Music of 2016

By Therese Aseoche

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The local music industry has continued to charm more and more people into listening to homegrown music, and the appreciation for our local bands, both independent and signed, has grown tremendously as a result. Ask someone if they know a particular band or song and they have most probably heard it on the radio, from their friends, or at a gig.

As we welcome the new year, let us show some love for our homegrown talents and indulge in these great tracks that  rocked our 2016.

8. Ang Bandang Shirley – “Umaapaw”

This song might just be the greatest love song of the previous year. Whether you have someone to sing it to or not, “Umaapaw” will always warm your heart and fill you with kilig more than it will ever fill you with bitterness.


7. Cheats – “Drunk”

Cheats successfully translates the feeling of self-pity common in today’s generation into song—although that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Instead of sounding self-depreciating, its honest lyrics and gently ascending melody makes it sound introspective, pulling you into a deep trance until the last refrain. And you don’t even have to be drunk to appreciate it.


6. The Ransom Collective – “Settled”

If there’s a song that perfectly captures the spirit of adventure, it’s this work of art by The Ransom Collective. There’s just something about its lyrics, its upbeat melody, and the amazing harmony of all their voices and instruments that fires us up inside with positivity and determination to explore the great outdoors or do something that scares us the most; it’s simply not a song you can just listen to sitting down.


5. Autotelic – “Laro”

Getting inspiration from Japanese pop-rock bands with dance-y electronic elements, Autotelic creates their music to be a perfect balance of digital and raw sound that appeals to the mass listeners of local music. Their songs like “Laro” will never fail to make you dance on your seat or on your feet wherever you may be listening to them—on the car radio or live onstage.