Our Favorite Shows On Disney Channel That Shaped Our Childhood

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Our Favorite Shows On Disney Channel That Shaped Our Childhood

Throwback to Disney Channel’s glory days.

| December 18, 2016

Our Favorite Shows On Disney Channel

That Shaped Our Childhood

By Tynne De Leon


The early 2000s is arguably the millenial’s  favorite time in television, and undoubtedly the best era of the Disney Channel. It’s the decade when we, as kids, fell in love with the television. Of course, a lot has changed since, and for those of us who constantly crave for that childhood nostalgia, we can’t help but miss the old Disney Channel.

Here are the Disney shows that made our childhood colorful. We can’t thank them enough:

8. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody


Before Dylan and Cole Sprouse became one of the hottest twins today, they were once our favorite quirky twin blondes in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Who can forget their  shenanigans in a suite of the Tipton Hotel? Remember Zack having a huge crush on Maddie, calling her “sweet thaaaanggg”? It’s just so adorable, and we squealed when we saw their reunion photo last year.


7. American Dragon: Jake Long


He’s cool, he’s hot like the frozen sun; he’s young and fast, he’s the chosen one. This action-packed cartoon got us saying, “Dragon Up!” everytime we see the show’s monsters. But more  than   the action sequences, it’s the romantic angle that got us hooked! Jake’s crushing on Rose is too cute, even when sometimes his moves are well, major fails.

And, oh, the Jonas Brothers singing the intro song!  Oh, sweet nostalgia.


6. That’s So Raven


Remember when we wished we had Raven’s psychic powers? No one’s got sass and confidence like Raven: from her costumes, dancing talent, singing prowess, to her funny catch phrases and IDGAF attitude—she’s definitely our spirit animal. Oh, how we miss the times when she disguised as her mother and flaunted that booty. There’s too much hilariousness in this show that we’d do anything to be part of the energetic Baxter family.


5. Totally Spies


It’s like the grown-up version of Powerpuff Girls, but still kid-friendly. If you and your friends argued on who’s the Sam, Clover and Alex in your group, you’re not alone. Aside from the trio, Totally Spies made us fall in love with Beverly Hills and its exciting mysteries. Let’s not even get started on their fab weapons (that laser lipstick!). And Jerry–boy, do we miss Jerry!