Patently Pinoy Gamer Words

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Patently Pinoy Gamer Words

Billiards is so 90s.

| January 19, 2017

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With the recent victory of the PH Team TNC Pro Team at the Dota2 World ESG Championships, it has become clear that the Philippines has steadily become a formidable force to be reckoned with in the international gaming community. Whether in team games or MMORPG adventures, they’ve made their mark; hackin’ en shootin’ noypi style.

But how can you tell? With so many Southeast Asian players hidden behind the characters they are using, how can one identify a Filipino from the rest? Without the use of cameras and the obvious Philippine flag icons, here are 8 of the sure-fire ways to know that you’re playing with–and being communicated to –by #pinoygamers!

1. No-ob (Noob, but pronounced syllabically)

Probably the youngest one on the list, you can hear this being thrown around only by #pinoygamers, already irritated by the utter failure happening before their eyes. When just one syllable won’t cut it–yeah boy, it’s pinoy!

2. Dapa! (lie/lying face-down)

A Filipino word, home-town heroes use this to exclaim the satisfaction of felling an adversary –after being struck by the swift and terrible, Andres Bonifacio-inspired blow–that only a true noypi can deliver! A self-congratulatory, chest-beating description of a vanquished opponent. Yown… dapa!


3. Basag (Break)

Another Filipino word and contemporary of “Dapa”, this can be used both as a verb and a noun, but only for structures, buildings or any inanimate object that requires “rapid remodeling”. Either rallying their teammates to destroy a lane tower or to describe its ruins after being dealt with, this is a sure way to know that there are #pinoygamers in your midst.


4. OG ( On-Game)

An abbreviated, albeit grammatically-incorrect statement (should’ve been IN-, not ON-), this is a response only #pinoygamers will use to tell you to buzz-off and not disturb their game; “I’m on-game, pre”. You’ll know your online friend is Filipino, when they respond with their version of the cold, detached and uncaring text message reply of “k”.