8 Types of People You’ll Meet on Your Daily Commute

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8 Types of People You’ll Meet on Your Daily Commute

Maybe one of them is you.

| July 12, 2017

8 Types of People

You’ll Meet on Your

Daily Commute

By Kyzia Maramara

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As of June 2017, there are 7.5 billion people in the world. 103.7 million of these are living in the Philippines. How many people do you pass by on your way to school or work? Do you take notice of them at all?


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Most of us take the jeepney every day to our destination and encounter this type of commuter. They’re mostly just girls (haven’t seen a guy do this) who leave their houses as blank canvases. They get on the jeepney with wet hair and no makeup and as the ride progresses, they will take out their makeup essentials and apply them one by one. Nothing can deter the transformer from looking her best, she even uses the wind to dry her hair to perfection. And when she gets off the jeepney, voila, on fleek.



What could you do in a one hour traffic-laden jeepney ride but to sleep? And sleep this type of commuter will. Any position will work for him or her as long as they catch up on the lost Zs. You may often see them head banging or jolting awake suddenly because their hand slipped the bar. They may even sleep on your shoulder, wink wink.



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People should learn to leave their work in the office. But then again, where would the economy be if not for these type of people? Workaholics are mostly the furrowed brow type. You can find them tapping away on their phones or on a call loudly discussing a meeting, not caring if they’re bothering other people. No car horn or sudden brakes can stop them from doing their job properly. Kudos to you guys!



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Of course the working class won’t be the only ones you ride with during your commute. Here and there one might encounter throngs of often noisy students. The younger they are, the noisier they are. But let’s not judge a whole group just because of some people, there are also students who are proper and who talk quietly amongst themselves. When it comes down to it, I guess we’re just annoyed because their fare is always discounted, unlike us in the working class.