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8 Real Life Pinoy Celebrity Horror Stories

Even the famous aren’t spared from getting scared.

| October 28, 2015

Horror stories are deeply embedded in Filipino culture. We pride ourselves in our scary story-telling skillz whether it be through film, folklore or in person. In that regard, most of us have our own little personal horror story to share whether it be a ghostly encounter, a kapre experience, or an unfortunate meeting with a White Lady.

Let us fill you in with some accounts of Pinoy celebrities and their brush with the paranormal. Here are 8 real life celebrity horror stories.

8. The Other Maid (Matet De Leon)

One day, Matet called up her friend who was a hairstylist to come to her house for a primping session.

Her friend was greeted by the helper at the gate and proceeded to enter the house to meet Matet and start the session. After they finished, Matet asked her helper to prepare dinner for them. While they were eating, the friend asked Matet for the whereabouts of the other helper that let her in the house since only one of them was serving the food. To her surprise, Matet only had one helper in the house. Her friend was adamant about seeing another one.

This terrified Matet, so she left this house and never looked back.


7. Sleep Demons (Viveika AKA Sabel)

Viveika spent the early part of her married life with the husband away from home.

One night alone in her bedroom, she woke up in the middle of the night surrounded by dark elementals. One was at the foot of her bed, the other on the right side, but the one that scared her most was the one on the left side of her bed. She swore she could see its red eyes and long fingers. She said the “demon” would reach for her with its long fingers and touch her. This preceded to happen every night.

The visions finally stopped when they moved into a new house.


6. The Phantom Boil (Brilliante Mendoza)

Mendoza had just wrapped up shooting for a couple of scenes for the movie Sapi. When he went home to check the footage, he realized that some of the shots were missing actors…that were in the frame while shooting. He didn’t really pay attention to this at first so he went to sleep.

Later that night, he woke up with a stinging sensation just above his left eye. When he looked at the mirror he discovered a small boil. Again, he paid little attention to this. Later on, he realized that the boil was getting bigger and actually moving from the left side of his face to the middle of his forehead.

With nothing to do but pray, he asked God to protect him and when he woke up the boil was gone.


5. The Extra (Ton-Ton Gutierrez)

If you’ve watched the movie Dalaw, you might have caught a glimpse of a “visitor” at the end of the film. In the scene where Ton-Ton and his wife are fighting, just as she is about to exit the sliding door, a little head with long hair can be seen peeping through the space where the door was slightly ajar.

There couldn’t have been anybody else on set that day since it was a closed location. The actors were informed during the editing of the final cut and it frightened the cast. They shared their set with something paranormal. The “visitor” was never edited out from the final cut so you can spot it towards the end of the movie, if you dare.


4. Visions (Solenn Heusaff)

Solenn claims that she gets regular visits from the paranormal. When she was a young girl, her mother was so concerned about Solenn’s dark and grizzly drawings that she sent her to see a specialist. Soon after, she started to hear, feel and see ghosts.

Her first experience was when she was a teenager in a city south of France. She was attending a surf camp with two of her friends. One day at the beach, they were looking out to the horizon when something grabbed her forearm and pulled her back. She paid little attention to this but it was her first paranormal experience. Since then, Solenn has regularly seen ghosts but she is not bothered by them. She has taught herself to cope. She just politely tells them to go away and according to her, they stop bothering her.

Solenn also had a household helper who had to be confined in a psychiatric hospital after encountering a kapre in one of the Heusaff’s mango trees. The tree was subsequently cut down.


3. Misteryo (Ryan Eigenmann)

During his time as host the for reality horror show Misteryo, Ryan encountered a ghost of a woman in the Manila City Hall. They were filming inside the building when suddenly Ryan felt cold all over.

His colleague at the time had a third eye and informed Ryan that he saw a girl hugging him from behind. After the friend said that, he heard a girl’s voice whisper to him for help.

Ryan acknowledges the existence of ghosts but insists that he isn’t scared of them as long as they are not there to hurt him.


2. Friendly Neighbors ( Elizabeth Oropesa)

Elizabeth is a famous actress-turned-spiritual medium. She says that being a bridge from the normal to the paranormal has always been her dream.

When she was a young child, she and her family recognized the possibility of her having a third eye. Elizabeth was never scared of the ghosts and actually played a lot with them. They would climb up trees and go into the forest. She claims all the ghosts were friendly and that the world they lived in was beautiful and simple.


1.Visitors (Sheree Bautista)

Sheree had just rented a new place with her assistant in a nice location. She signed the lease for three years because it was too good a deal to pass up on. On her first few days in the new place, Sheree started having nightmares featuring a long-haired man staring at her. She dismissed the nightmares and attributed them to stress from taping.

One day, her best friend slept over and claimed that she had the same dream. This incident prompted her to have her house blessed and to place a crucifix in the middle of the living room. To her horror, when she awoke the next day, the arms of Jesus were broken off and the crucifix was turned upside down.

Soon after, Sheree and her best friend decided to take photographs of the apartment. When they saw the prints, they noticed a figure in the back of one picture. It was a tall man with big eyes and an open mouth, he was covering his face as if he was afraid of the flash.

Shortly after, Sheree packed her bags and left the apartment the following day.


Do you know any other celebrity horror stories? Share them with us by leaving a comment below!