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8 Pinoy Personalities Who Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now

Hu u?

| September 7, 2017

8 Pinoy Personalities

Who Can’t Come

to the Phone Right Now

By Kaira Guerrero

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Stars and personalities have long since been shedding their skins and becoming someone new long before a certain blond pop star sang about her changed reputation, they just weren’t noticeable before. But now that our eyes are opened to the process we see a number of people probably inspired by the said pop star that’s why they can’t come to the phone anymore. Let’s look at what they did!

The old Jimmy Bondoc

Remember when Jimmy Bondoc sang the heart breaking song “Let Me Be The One”? Well, his prayers were answered! President Duterte let him be the one to be the AVP for Entertainment of PAGCOR. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, Bondoc’s appointment did not push through. He’s still a staunch supporter of the President, shedding his former balladeer image and transforming into one of the government’s mouthpiece. Iba ka na Jimmy!


The old Jolina Magdangal

Hold on to your seats 90s babies, Jolina Magdangal our legendary Queen of Pop has amazingly kept up with the times and transformed into this sassy millennial. Jolegend Slaydangal is a Facebook page dedicated to posting all things Jolina – even history we didn’t know happened! Did you know that Jolina inspired Mother Theresa to be Mother Theresa? That’s not all, she also inspired Lady Gaga to be Lady Gaga! She’s definitely more than just a pretty face, she slays!


The old Bearwin Meily

You might remember this actor-comedian on TV years ago. He was fat, bald, and funny. When you see photos of him now, you might not recognize him anymore. Why? Because the old Bearwin Meily is dead! After strict workout sessions and just the sheer powerful will to change his lifestyle, he became the fit and chiseled guy every gym enthusiast out there would envy.


The old JaDine

When the love team of James Reid and Nadine Lustre, collectively known as Jadine, was born, they went through all the other phases young artists undergo to achieve fame. They were actors, dancers, and then ultimately, like every other artist out there, they were singers. With pop Tagalog tracks like “Hanap-hanap” and “Bahala Na,” the duo indeed rose to fame and gained a huge following. But as they matured they maybe have realized how corny that phase was and did away with it. The pair has since traveled to many countries and curated their Instagram feeds to look enviable. James Reid now has a full-length album out on Spotify entitled Palm Dreams where he explores the techno and electric pop side of music, proving that Filipinos certainly can do great in the music industry.