8 Pinoy Personalities Who Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now

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8 Pinoy Personalities Who Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now

Hu u?

| September 7, 2017

The old Marlou

At the tender age of 18, Marlou Arizala rose to internet fame as part of the infamous group Hasht5. He left the group in 2016 to launch his solo career becoming famous because of his, well, “less than remarkable” looks.

With bashers left and right throwing insults, obscenities, and expletives at his physical features, he surprisingly takes it all in cool stride. But not anymore. Change has come, and we knew it then when Marlou posted a video of him in an operating gown with marks on his face announcing that he’s going to have plastic surgery. But that is not all! He apparently made a new account renaming himself as “Xander Ford.” What a chilling rebranding, one we totally did not expect!


The old Arci Munoz

The world was shocked and for days on end had their jaws on the ground in disbelief after seeing photos of Arci Munoz, only it wasn’t Arci Munoz. It was this new face that looked more like a random super fan who dressed like her. Clearly she underwent cosmetic surgery and some people are saying it’s because she injured her nose when she head banged too hard onto a microphone. And we wanted to wake up from this bad dream but I hate to break it to you, it’s real. That is Arci and that is her face. She’s free to do anything with it but we desperately wished she didn’t.


The old Charice Pempengco

The old Charice is dead, and we’re not speaking metaphorically here. In her place rose a guy who could pass for her brother, and he goes by the moniker Jake Zyrus. Jake is apparently every bit the man Charice longed to be with that deep voice, swagger, and that damn peach fuzz. Jake Zyrus is here to make all the girls kilig and swoon over him, fueled with confidence from his injected testosterones. But we can’t deny that sometimes Charice resurfaces in interviews where Jake would scream or just plainly act like a girl.


The old Mocha Uson

She is a blogger, a sexy performer, a radio personality. But that was the old Mocha, and that Mocha is dead. The Mocha you see now is a devoted politician after the President’s own heart, and who has been appointed the assistant secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office. How to be u po?


Do you know other personalities who can’t come to the phone right now and why? Share it with us!