8 Interesting Places Nobody is Allowed to Ever Visit

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8 Interesting Places Nobody is Allowed to Ever Visit

There are places not even money can buy.

| July 31, 2017

8 Interesting Places

Nobody is Allowed

to Ever Visit

By Kyzia Maramara

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There are a lot of mysterious things in this world, some of them are beautiful and some of them are, let’s just say human. It’s a wild world out there. Here are 8 places you might find interesting but too bad for you, you can never visit them. And for some places, after reading this I doubt you would even want to.

Lascaux Cave, France

Four teenagers following their dog stumbled over this masterpiece of 17,000 year old paintings – art that represents the Upper Paleolithic period according to researchers. The walls of the cavern have almost 600 paintings of animals and 1,500 engravings and symbols.

The Lascaux Cave was opened for public viewing in 1948 but was closed shortly after in 1963 because the lighting made the paintings fade and the breath and sweat of visitors caused humidity that damaged the paintings. Portions of it also had algae growing over them.

A replica situated nearby was created and 1983 where anybody is welcome to visit.


Area 51

For all the extraterrestrial believers and conspiracy theorists out there, Area 51 might be familiar to you. Referred to in a lot of movies, Area 51 is a highly secretive American air force base wildly rumored to have been keeping aliens in their compound, among other things. It was only in 2013 through the request for Freedom of Information that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) acknowledged its location in the Nevada desert where an abandoned road with alarming warning signs lead to it.

Area 51 is still a mystery to date but for alien enthusiasts the belief that extraterrestrial spacecraft and technology is being kept there in a hangar somewhere is still strong. But hey, whatever helps them sleep at night, right?


Pine Gap Australia

Pine Gap is the Australian version of Area 51 complete with all the secrets and rumors about its existence.  But it’s just a satellite tracking station run by both the Australian and United States military.

The facility has been in operation since the 1970s but it remained top secret. Nobody ever really knows anything about it just that it has a wide range of signals and can provide early warning of ballistic missile launches.

Pine Gap employs about 1000 people and unless you are an employee, you can’t get anywhere near it.


Snake Island, Brazil

Located off the coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil is an island that’s the stuff of nightmares. Snake Island also called Ilha da Quimada Grande wasn’t called Snake Island for nothing. It’s the home of over 4,000 snakes including the deadly golden lancehead snake whose venom can melt human flesh upon contact. Locals of Sau Paolo said that you can’t walk the island without encountering a snake every 6 square yards!

Thousands of years ago, rising tides cut Snake Island off from the mainland and left the snakes trapped. Their diet consists mainly of migratory birds.

Locals tell two stories of death from the island. One is of a fisherman who wanders on the shores of the island to pick bananas but gets bitten and dies in a bloody pool on his boat. The other is of a lighthouse operator with his wife and three kids. Snakes entered their window and attacked them and as they were escaping to their boat, the snakes hanging from branches overhead bit them.

Visiting the island is prohibited to the public for their safety and also for the safety of the snakes. Access is only granted to the Brazilian Navy and some scientists.  Best decision ever, I say.