8 Things Every Future Pokémaster Needs in Their Bag

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8 Things Every Future Pokémaster Needs in Their Bag

Listen up, soon-to-be-Pokémon Masters!

| August 11, 2016


8 Things Every Future Pokémaster Needs in Their Bag

By RJ Firmeza

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Sheer knowledge of the game isn’t enough; you’ll also need to prep the right gear before heading off on your journey into the vast world of Pokémon. From hydration packs to an improvised Pokédex, here’s everything that you, aspiring Pokémaster, will need in your pack.

8. Bicycle + Phone Mount


Bikes have been a staple in the Pokémon game since its GameBoy days, so why not employ it in real life? Biking combined with Pokémon Go is probably the best exercise out there right now. Plus, biking makes the process of ”hatching” a breeze. First, you’ll need a bike, then a phone-mount to make gameplay convenient.


7. Power Bank


Pokémon Go sucks the life out of any battery, and the last thing you want is for your phone to shutdown while in the process of catching a Nidoking–that’s just depressing. Get yourself a trusty power bank for worry-free gaming time.


6. Running Shoes

Walking is a pre-requisite to playing Pokémon Go, a fact (however inconvenient) that can cause foot pain due to prolonged periods of exploration. That said, nothing beats the durability and comfort a pair of running shoes can offer. After all, you never know when you’ll have to outrun a real-life Team Rocket.


5. Sunblock

It’s a rough world out there, especially with the heat from the scorching sun. Your body is as important as your prized Pikachu. Always apply sunblock to prevent any skin damage from overexposure.