Products for the Loveless

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Products for the Loveless

Pusuan mo bes.

| February 2, 2017


Products for the Loveless

By Meg Santibanez

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Valentine’s is almost upon us. We’re happy for all the couples, but for all the singles out there (including me!) it’s definitely not going to be  a lonely month with these products. Who needs Mr./Ms. Right when you have these?

 Boyfriend Pillow

Via Amazon

Sometimes we just want a little intimacy to help us fall asleep, and this pillow does the job. Minus the annoying breathing down the neck.


Comfort Girlfriend Leg Pillow



Sometimes you just need a lap to lie on. And this one won’t slap you in the face when you do it.


Tissue Pillow

Via Curbly

This makes it  convenient for those lonely nights  of ugly-crying.


Anti-loneliness Chair

Via Time

Gone are the days of sitting alone in the corner, thanks to this chair that’s ready to hug you.