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From Funny to Painful: Hugot Quotes from ‘Just the Three of Us’

Sobrang ganda, you guys.

| May 6, 2016

Just theThree of usFrom Funny to Painful:
Hugot Quotes from ‘Just the Three of Us’
By 8List

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The unlikely pairing of John Lloyd Cruz and Jennylyn Mercado got us doubting at first. But after watching their natural chemistry on screen, we’ve concluded: It’s about damn time. With Lloydie’s heartwarming charm and Jennylyn’s effortless comedy combined—Just the Three of Us gives viewers a wealthy dose of kilig and laughter.

But more than that, the refreshing story line will definitely tug at heartstrings for issues beyond romantic love. Slight spoiler alert: For those with absent-parent-issues, bring a lot of tissue. We won’t reveal too much, but here’s a peek at how much hugot you might draw.


8 Just theThree of us
Sums up the power of The John Lloyd Smile. Yes, we’ve just made his smile a proper noun. Because it totally deserves it. Just watch the movie (or any John Lloyd movie for that matter) and dare to disagree.


7 Just theThree of us
This is a cliché, but perhaps it is for good reason. We need to be reminded time and time again because even though we know it’ll hurt, the actual feeling hurts much, much more.


6 Just theThree of us
A piece of advice for those struggling to forgive themselves from past mistakes.


5 Just theThree of us
CJ and Uno proves to us that being in love or more accurately—staying in love—is a constant choice.