Rakenrol Hanggang Umaga: 8 Essential Tracks of Sandwich

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Rakenrol Hanggang Umaga: 8 Essential Tracks of Sandwich

OPM’s not dead.

| March 19, 2018


Album: Five on the Floor (2006)

Easily one of the best and iconic summer jams of the early 2000s!



Album: Thanks to the Moon’s Gravitational Pull (2003)

Let it not be said that Sandwich never made a soft rock ballad. “Masilungan” was also a standout song from their only indie album and is what could be the saddest song they’ve ever written. Its lyrics will unfailingly strike a chord within you no matter how you interpret the song, most especially when Raimund sings the end: “Wala na tayo, bakit wala na tayo?”



Album: <S> Marks the Spot (2008)

How can you not love that guitar riff, almost groovy melody, Myrene’s bit towards the end, and screaming “sonic death monkey” at the top of your lungs?



Album: Debris (2015)

There’s just something about “Kagulo” that reminds us of Sandwich’s old sound without being too familiar. It’s an absorbing force, a contagious energy, an intensely captivating hit that pretty much sums up what Sandwich is, was, and will continue to be no matter how long the years have passed.


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