8 Ways to Live Life to the Fullest with Your RCBC Bankard

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8 Ways to Live Life to the Fullest with Your RCBC Bankard

No more FOMO.

| May 17, 2016

rcbc_header8 Ways to Live Life
to the Fullest with
Your RCBC Bankard


Living your life to the fullest may seem like a tall order, one that requires a lot of time and effort, but a life well-lived isn’t the kind of goal to leave on the back burner. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover just how easy it is to claim for yourself. Here’s how.


8. Book It

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One of the secrets to living life to the fullest is deciding what kind of life you want to lead. Close your eyes and visualize where you see yourself this time next year, or even on the next long weekend. Lounging on a pristine white sand beach? Enjoying the nightlife in a foreign country? Making those fantasies a reality is as easy as clicking the ‘Book Now’ button with RCBC Bankard’s Visa Infinite card!


7. Saying No to #FOMO

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Regardless of whether you’re just starting out on the career ladder or moving up, you’re going to inevitably find yourself torn between balancing career and your social life. Say no to #FOMO forever and make sure you’re always available for a night of fun on the town with RCBC’s Classic and Gold cards, which afford you the flexibility you work hard for.


6. Embracing Your True Self


It may seem daunting at first to fill in the various roles in life that are thrust upon you, but with Landmark Anson’s MasterCard and Wilcon MasterCard, anything and everything is possible. Whether it’s indulging your inner tech geek or embracing your inner domestic goddess, RCBC is your partner in affording the kind of life that suits your station.