8 Real Jobs that Prove Humanity is Doomed

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8 Real Jobs that Prove Humanity is Doomed

Professional Sleeper is still better than whatever one does at Edi Sa Puso Mo.

| August 8, 2017

Professional Apologizer

Via Quora

Oh, thank god, we don’t ever have to vocally admit we were wrong ever again.


Professional Sleeper

Why stay awake to witness the world burn more and more each day when you can just sleep for the next 20 years?



“Narabiya” is Japanese for “stand-in-liners” which refer to those who are paid to stand in long queues for however long you need them. No need to waste your day away lining up for concert tickets or to get first dibs on the latest gadget! Patience is an old-school virtue, anyway.



Yes, we live in a time when people are hired to coop themselves up in a room and disrupt educational discourse by posting otherwise unintelligent, inflammatory and off-topic comments using multiple fake accounts just to rile people up.

Not only that — we live in a time when these people are paid a huge sum just to do so. I’d say it sounds like a dream job, but I have a brain and principles.


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