Reasons Why Wine is Better for Your Walwal Nights

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Reasons Why Wine is Better for Your Walwal Nights

Is it wine o’clock already?

| April 4, 2017

Reasons Why Wine is Better

for Your Walwal Nights

By Meg Santibanez

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It’s no secret that wine is actually good–when you drink it in moderation (as with everything else). It would actually be a better alternative to other alcohols in your walwal sessions.

And here’s the best thing about it–wine isn’t actually expensive, unless you’re having one in a fancy restaurant. Here are the reasons why wine is better for your walwal nights:

They’re scientifically proven to be better

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Red wine lowers the risk of heart disease and depression. Those are just the few perks of red wine according to Medical News Today.


 It’s the tito’s and tita’s choice

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Anything is better with wine when you want to unleash your inner tito and tita.


Cheap wine is still good wine

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You can purchase a fair enough wine as low as P250 in the groceries and it’ll taste good – Carlo Rossi, Franzia and Novellino anyone?


It comes in different variants

Your walwal nights will always feel new and different with all the variants of wine out there.