Romance Anime Series You Should Watch to Make You Believe in Love Again

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Romance Anime Series You Should Watch to Make You Believe in Love Again

Meet cute galore.

| February 2, 2017

Romance Anime Series You Should Watch to Make You Believe in Love Again

By Therese Aseoche

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There’s something unique about how romance is depicted in anime films and series. No matter where you stand on love at the moment—whether you’re head-over-heels in love or bitter about it—watching anime just warms our heart and makes us believe in love again.

Rarely does it bother us that storylines are cheesy, predictable, and cookie-cutter because as long as the visual imagery is gorgeous, we’ll keep watching until the very last episode.

Surround yourself with fictional love and start binge-watching these 8 romance anime series!

8. Ao Haru Ride

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This anime tries to prove that when you’re given a second chance, you shouldn’t waste it making the same mistake. After two students who have once secretly pined for each other reunite later in their lives, they reevaluate their feelings amidst misunderstandings and conflict that actually draw them much closer together. The story will sound generic and the scenes are nothing you haven’t seen before in films and novels, but it’s still a feel-good series worth watching.


7. Sukitte Ii na yo (Say “I Love You”)

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Sometimes, even cookie-cutter storylines, when narrated brilliantly, can stand out from the crowd. This series in particular doesn’t offer anything new in terms of plot, but it resonates well with those who watch it because of the way it accurately depicts romance in real life. It exposes the struggle and excitement when dealing with feelings for the first time, and we can easily sympathize with the characters throughout the episodes. It may even make you reminisce on your own first love!


6. Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Don’t let this series fool you into thinking it’s just one of the garden-variety “tsundere falls for the bishounen” type of plotline. Although it does star a tough girl with a secret and a popular yet conniving guy, there’s never a moment when you’ll think the relationship is cringingly forced. It’s pure comedy, sometimes at the expense of character depth, but it’s great for when you just want to get a good laugh from a show.


5. Lovely Complex

Despite the title, this anime isn’t complex at all. In fact, it’s funny and endearing as it talks about the efforts of the tallest girl and shortest boy in class to find love despite their not-so-average height. Their dynamic is definitely kooky, and you’ll love how the series carefully lays the groundwork to slowly develop the romance. It even goes as far as showing how they adjust and cope with their romantic relationship after they get together. It’s a true testament that love doesn’t discriminate; you can totally date someone shorter or taller than you are!