Run With The Wolves at Laneway 2017: Aurora Aksnes and Why She’s So Damn Good

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Run With The Wolves at Laneway 2017: Aurora Aksnes and Why She’s So Damn Good

All roads lead to SG this January.

| January 5, 2017

Run With The Wolves

at Laneway 2017:

Aurora Aksnes

and Why She’s So Damn Good

By Abu Poblete

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If there’s a human version of snow, it’s Aurora Aksnes, a 20-year old singer-songwriter from Stavanger, Norway who has done the world a favor by giving us her mystical, fairy tale-ish, LOTR-ish and GOT-ish music that can make you discover and befriend the demons (whether from a bad experience or a personal wall you built up) inside you. Her pure voice, minimalistic sound and her unique performances (her body language when performing is otherworldly) intensifies her beautiful lyrics to get much deeper under your skin, and it’s a delight to see that such a rare artist exists in our time.

Although often called the love child of Bjork and Sia for her sound, Aurora is in her own unique bubble if you listen closely. And going to 2017’s Laneway Festival on January 21, 2017 is the perfect opportunity for you to get into that bubble.

If you’re curious to see and hear one of the best performers in Laneway, let these ethereal music videos of Aurora feed your curiosity.

8. Runaway


Let’s start off with the first song that made Aurora viral. “Runaway,” the lead single of her first album All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend, is a delicate number that starts off dark and slow but then gradually creeps into a pop lullaby thanks to Aurora’s notes. The video gives the song justice with its setting somewhere in the mountains where Aurora runs while singing and begging to the world to take her home. If you get some Game of Thrones feel from the video, you’re not alone.


7. Half the World Away


Commonly known as the song of the incredibly touching Christmas ad of John Lewis in 2015, Aurora’s version of “Half The World Away” blew the world away as expected. “Half The World Away” sings of someone who’s stuck and wants to leave the hole they’ve been given – a soft cry of declaration of freedom (or the realization of it). And doesn’t the line “My body feels young but my mind is very old” just pinch your heart?


Oh, and let’s not forget that this song was composed by Noel Gallagher and performed by Oasis.


6. I Went Too Far


A little more dance-y is “I Went Too Far” with lyrics that are a little different from Aurora’s usual vague and metaphor-filled songs. “I Went Too Far” is about a one-sided love that, as usual, didn’t get a good ending. In the chorus, Aurora is actually begging for her lover to give her some love. Ouch… But don’t worry Aurora, your fans in Laneway will give you that love.


5. Running With The Wolves


“Running With The Wolves” is the perfect battle cry for when you’re about to take on a challenge in life. Whether it’s an exam in school, a big presentation to a potential client, coming out to your fam, or commuting at 6 p.m. in Metro Manila (bless your soul), “Running With The Wolves” is the perfect song to pump up your spirits. You won’t be able to resist dancing to this in Laneway, fan or not.