Safe Zones Around the World in Case of Doomsday

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Safe Zones Around the World in Case of Doomsday

Best to prepare.

| October 20, 2016


Safe Zones Around the World in Case of Doomsday

By Therese Aseoche

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Harsh effects of global warming, strained country ties, Zika virus, the escalating tension between the US and Russia… Doomsday seems to be drawing closer than ever. But hey, we’ve been here before. But when d-day does come, it’s highly, if not totally, unlikely that we’d be able to escape the inevitability of humankind’s predicted apocalyptic scenarios (the Second Coming, zombie pandemic, World War 3…), but hell, let it not be said that we didn’t die trying.

8. Pic de Bugarach


Back in 2012, this site was famous among New Age believers who insisted that it possessed an “eerie power” from what they believed was an alien spacecraft lodged inside the mountain that, should the supposed end-of-the-world happens on the last day of the Mayan Calendar, will save all humans within its location and “beam them off to the next age.”

We know; it sounds completely out of this world. But when an alien invasion does happen, you know where to go.


7. Vivos Survival Shelter


Live comfortably in these fully furnished underground shelters originally used by the government during the Cold War. It has everything you’d expect from a usual 4-star hotel; amenities, entertainment, indoor garden, and basic necessities to survive a year minimum without ever needing to go up to the surface. They’ll last for hundreds of years and can withstand the force of a 20-megaton nuclear blast within a few miles. So if it’s a nuke war you’re getting, owning a Vivos Shelter sounds like your best chance for survival.


6. Cheyenne Mountain Complex


Vivos Shelter isn’t the only underground shelter that should be within your radar, though. Deep inside a hollowed out mountain in central Colorado is a hidden bunker originally built to aid military commanders survive a direct nuclear attack. It isn’t open for civilians, though, as it serves as an alternate command center and training site. But keep this mentally booked for doomsday survival!


5. Chiang Mai


This peaceful city in Thailand is the chosen residence of legendary Swiss investor Marc Faber, who is known to consistently talk of the “apocalypse of the world economy.” (Bet you didn’t think about that possible doomsday scenario, huh?) The fact that Chiang Mai is also nestled within the mountains makes it a good area to survive monstrous tsunamis that will wipe out low-lying lands.