Safest Zones in the Philippines When a Zombie Apocalypse Strikes

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Safest Zones in the Philippines When a Zombie Apocalypse Strikes

World War Z primer.

| September 23, 2016


Safest Zones in the Philippines When a Zombie Apocalypse Strikes

By 8List

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Whether or not you believe in the inevitability of a worldwide zombie takeover (thanks to pop culture hits Walking Dead and Train to Busan), it’s better to prepare a survival strategy to put your mind at ease for that worst case scenario—even if we’re pretty much doomed in our overpopulated urban centers. Here are a few local places you could seek shelter in to avoid the army of the undead.

Mount Apo


It’s common sense to escape to high ground when an outbreak occurs as these places are mostly uninhabited and hard for zombies to reach. Mount Apo is your best bet among all mountains because, other than being the highest peak in the Philippines, it has steep and slippery trails, thick forests, and giant rock boulders that make it a challenge for the mindless undead to climb. That isn’t to say it won’t be a challenge to you too, though. Better start making mountain climbing your next hobby!


Samar Caves



If you can’t go up, then go down. Caves are easy to fortify and are likewise far from urban areas. In Samar alone, there are a hundred caves to hide in making it harder for zombies to spot you. The presence of underground rivers is also an added defense against them.


A Private Island


Remote, uninhabited, and surrounded by bodies of water. Having your own private island might just be your greatest investment in surviving an outbreak. That is until zombies learn how to swim, at least. But let’s just hope it never comes to that.


Manila Bay


If you really would not like to risk staying on dry land, you could escape to the seas via cruise ship which you can find a ton of along Manila Bay. You’ll be in constant transit and away from the ground, only going down to replenish your supplies (while hoping that there aren’t zombies lurking around when you do).