#SaveNelly by Listening to These Songs on Spotify

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#SaveNelly by Listening to These Songs on Spotify

How to save a life.

| September 19, 2016


#SaveNelly by Listening to These Songs on Spotify


If there’s a tweet that sums up the impact of Nelly’s music to our generation, it would be this:

Nelly made us believe we could dance seductively as pre-teens, and that was enough to make us love listening to him. But recent reports have revealed that the rapper is deep in debt to the IRS (a figure amounting to US$2.4 million). Amazingly enough, fans around the world have found a way to help him earn a sizable amount without them doing anything but play his songs.

According to Spin, the payout for artists per stream on Spotify lands between US$0.006 to US$0.0084. By streaming one Nelly song a minimum collective total of 287,176,547 times, it may be enough to help get Nelly unstuck from his rut.

It sounds overly optimistic, but it’s worth a shot. Here are 8 songs to stream on Spotify to #SaveNelly.


8. Ride Wit Me

When someone asks about the #SaveNelly initiative, just play this song and shout “Hey, must be the moneeey!”


7. Hot in Herre

Now is not the time to be subtle about getting freaky with your beh. There’s a rapper that needs saving, and clothes that need removing!


6. The Fix

Follow that up with this upbeat sensual song to get you in a high-energy lovemaking mood!


5. Dilemma

Start your #ThrowbackThursdays right by listening to this song and spreading it like wildfire all day on social media.