Terrifying New Monsters from Pop Culture

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Terrifying New Monsters from Pop Culture

Which one is hiding under your bed tonight?

| October 10, 2015

Unlike monsters of old that could be conquered with a wooden stake to the heart, thwarted with silver bullets, or cleansed with fire, today’s monsters take the form of seemingly normal human beings and untouchable paranormal creatures more terrifying that our predecessors could have ever imagined.

The widespread use of the internet ushered in the birth of some truly spine-tingling creatures, along with tales that make you wonder if they’re true. There’s no possibility of running away from them, and most of the time, there’s no way to kill them either. The best you can hope for is that you never encounter these creatures yourself.

Dim the lights and dive in, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

8. Jeff the Killer

According to internet legend (read: circa 2008), a lot of theories have cropped up to explain Jeff the Killer’s existence. Some posit that a girl named Katy posted her photo on 4chan, only to have other members of the site then photoshop her face, bully her and call her fat, which she reacted to by committing suicide, and one of the photoshopped images (composed of a cadaver’s eyes and a dog’s broken jaw) is what now passes as Jeff the Killer’s. Others say that he was a promotional tool for the Saw film franchise.

To most, however, he’s a psychopath who, for one reason or another, spilled acid on his face and carved a smile into his cheeks. He now lurks inside your closet with a knife, telling you to go to sleep, eagerly anticipating the moment that you do.

7. The Smiling Man


If there’s anything scarier than monsters, ghouls and demons, it’s the unknown. Imagine walking home and having a presumably (hopefully) crazy person dance down the street after you, smiling maniacally and staring at the sky the whole time.

6. The Rake

No one really knows what The Rake wants or how he attacks, whether it’s in dreams or in the physical world. All anyone knows is that he’s creepy as hell, with a naked humanoid corporeal form that’s outright wrong, with his long claws and soulless black eyes, and that the last thing we want is to wake up with him crouching next to our beds.

5. Goatman

While not exactly new to lore and legend, the Goatman is a Native American creature based on the Devil himself. It has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity thanks to supposed first-hand accounts that people have posted online.

Legend states that the Goatman is a shapeshifting being, often taking the form of people that you love, which is what makes it more dangerous. Some people say a putrid stench follows it around, as well as unnatural quiet. The Goatman’s murders have all been gruesome, and while there have been survivors, victims never know if they will survive the encounter.

4. The Cameraman

Though quite lesser known than the rest of the monsters here, The Cameraman is by no means any less terrifying. After all, how do you deal with a predator that likes to play with its food? Don’t forget: it knows all, and it’s always watching.

3. Dr. Margin’s Monsters

Tired of the domestication of ancient monsters and beings, Dr. Michael Margin set about discovering what he could learn about new ones around the world. From beings that steal your secrets in your sleep and call you constantly to turn around and face them, to a creature that embodies all of life itself in order to reflect your death back at you, Dr. Margin’s research is not for the faint of heart (or weak of will).

Read about his findings here.

2. Slenderman

For all of the stories surrounding Slenderman, you would think people would be desensitized at this point, but nope. Nope nope nope. He’s still as terrifying as ever.

An amalgamation of all your nightmares, Slenderman is an impossibly tall, thin being who, as some accounts state, has retractable tentacles that he extends to ensnare his prey. He has no facial features to speak of (if you can even get close enough to see), and is usually seen in a black suit with long coat tails. He primarily goes after children, torturing them psychologically before they disappear. Whether he kills them or takes them elsewhere is unknown. He doesn’t mind being photographed or recorded, because it’s said that he likes to hunt those who are conscious of him.

So, um, you’re welcome.

1. The Woman


Quite possibly one of the most disturbing creatures to have crawled out of the internet over the past few years is The Woman from Milos Bogetic Inaaace’s tales. Shrouded in mystery and downright unnerving, The Woman is the embodiment of the modern day nightmare that no amount of sunlight, hiding under your blanket, running to your parents, or ranting about on social media can shake.

If you see her, do not engage. Run away as fast as you can, and pray she doesn’t catch up.


Do you know any other creepy creatures that have taken over pop culture? Share the scares with us in the comments below!