CalmYoTits: 8 Things to Consider before Buying Makeup Online (at

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CalmYoTits: 8 Things to Consider before Buying Makeup Online (at

Don’t go crazy with your credit card just yet.

| February 2, 2016

Buying Makeup OnlineCalmYoTits: 8 Things to Consider before Buying Makeup Online (at

By Shen Mascarinas

The internet broke with the news that Sephora has finally landed in the Philippines. Hold up–an actual, glistening, makeup haven store is yet to come, though. For now, all makeup junkies are freaking out about the official launch of Before you start swiping that card in the name of beauty, make sure you explore the website with calmed tits.

Calmed? Okay, good. Here are 8 things you need to keep in mind as you go through the much-awaited Sephora website.

8. Evaluate the brands available.

8 Buying Makeup Online

One of the major attractions of Sephora coming to the Philippines is the international brands that are finally within reach (through delivery). Check out the brands available at before expecting to be reunited with your favorite imported beauty brand. Unfortunately, not all of the brands in other countries are available in the PH website, but keep your fingers crossed that more are coming.

7. Make a lap before you commit.

7 Buying Makeup Online

With your butt sitting pretty and your lonesome free to explore the site, you really have no excuse for impulse-buying. Take your time in checking out the products. The last thing you want is to have bought something way more expensive than a product that’s cheaper, very similar and worse, of better quality.

6. Zoom in on cult-favorites.

6 Buying Makeup Online

If after responsibly checking out all your options, you’re still undecided what on your specific needs, then focus on the best-sellers. has selections under Best Sellers, Trending Now and In the Spotlight. It’s definitely a good idea to check those products out.

5. Counter-check with reviews.

5 Buying Makeup Online

Hold up. Just because they’re cult-favorites doesn’t mean you should purchase them. Make sure your picks from these selections are right for your skin type, goals and other beauty needs. Do that by meticulously reading not just one, but tons of reviews about the products you’re interested in. MakeupAlley is one of the websites with very useful product reviews, but there are lots of blogs you can definitely get great insights from as well.