8 Things That Make Us Believe That the Future is Now

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8 Things That Make Us Believe That the Future is Now

The time when everyone said ‘eureka!’

| December 14, 2016

4. Self-driving cars


This is something that we never thought we’d see in our lifetime. Granted, it is still in the gestation and testing stages, but they are actually being driven on the roads now. It’s only a matter of time before this becomes standard feature on cars in the future.


3. Smart homes


We’re not talking about the homes of the ultra-rich, where everything in the house is connected (although those of us with modest earnings can now afford those nowadays.) But look at what you have in your house now. You got your television hooked up not just on your local cable service provider, but also on the WiFi. Have you ever thought about the fact that you can now stream movies from the internet and browse the web through your television? How about the fact that you can monitor the security in your house via apps on your phone? Or the fact that you can send music from your phone to your speakers via Bluetooth? Or the fact that you communicate with the rest of the household via Facebook? Heck, you can even talk to relatives and loved ones abroad for free. All these were not possible before, yet here they are now.


2. Movies


Have you seen old screen adaptations of Thor, Hulk and Spiderman? And those were not even meant to be funny. Now we not only have Thor, Hulk and Spiderman movies, we now also movies where these characters appear alongside Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and many other heroes in one movie. With sequels from hereon to eternity.


1. Nike mag


If there is one thing that tells us we’re living in the future, it is the fact that once outrageous concepts in sci-fi films are now coming to life. We’ve mentioned the self-driving cars and smart homes, but it’s the little things that make us giddy. Who would have thought that product designers would actually deliver on the promise they made in presenting futuristic concepts in movies such as Back to the Future? What a time to be alive, indeed.