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8 Signs that We’re Actually Living in the 90s

We can’t wait for the 2000s. Not.

| November 8, 2017

8 Signs that We’re Actually

Living in the 90s

By Desiree Pore

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We know that it’s 2017 because the latest iPhone just came out on the market, and men are now being held responsible because of their actions; these two weren’t a thing yet back in the day, as people thought it wouldn’t be possible (having a device that can do almost anything AND men being at fault instead of women?!).

These days, several trends have come and gone, but one trend proved to be too influential and popular: the 90s. The 90s may have been 2 decades ago, but its vibe and personalities are still very much relevant today. Thanks to these signs, we know for sure that we’re still living in the 90s.

1. Overalls are a Thing Again

We woke up and suddenly we see girls wearing overalls and channeling their inner Laney Boggs. Hey, if people want to dress up like the Fresh Prince, then let them be.


2. TRL is on TV, Just Like the Old Days

Total Request Live or TRL, was the show we tuned into back in the day to watch our favorite artists and their music videos. TRL ended its 10-year run back in 2008 but has since made a return to TV this year.


3. Will Smith is Still Relevant (and Cool)

Before being known as a renowned actor he is today, Smith was first “The Fresh Prince” and played a fictionalized version of himself. Thanks to several blockbuster hits such as Independence Day, Hancock, and Men in Black, Smith proved that he’s one of the most bankable actors of the century.


4. MP3s Came Back from the Dead thanks to Baby Driver

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When the film hit the big screen a few months ago, music enthusiasts had a nostalgic moment when Baby, the titular character, was seen sporting a beloved music piece: the iPod. Apple discontinued selling the product due to its decrease in sales, but with the release of the film, iPods became cool again and people are willing to trade in their latest gadgets with mp3 players.