8 Everyday Signs You Should Quit Your Job

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8 Everyday Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Take a look inside your wallet first.

| August 10, 2017

8 Everyday Signs

You Should Quit Your Job

By Beatriz Tan Saldua

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Everyone has bad days at work. But there are times when we just want to say “What am I doing here?!!!”, and assess our place in the universe.

Here are some of those day-to-day struggles that might mean it’s time to go. Just a tip: If you’re just tired, stay. If you’re not fulfilled, then go.

1. You find it hard to get up and go to work.

Waking up on Mondays be like:

Waking up is not a problem, but getting up? That’s a different story. Everything about work makes you want to stay in bed: the commute, the office vibe, the annoying colors of the cubicle, and so on.


2. You don’t care about being late.

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Or you just don’t care about anything at all. Company rules, your output, your checklist that has no checked items in it. It’s like you’re screaming “FIRE ME!” deep inside.


3. You go to work to spend time with your friends.

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Your only reason to stay: your office barkada, absolutely nothing else. While they keep you happy, they won’t keep you fulfilled. They’ll understand if you decide to go, because they also value your career growth.


4. You can’t wait to have lunch.

Or for any type of break. You come to work for the pantry chikahan and coffee sessions. Just being able to get out of your cubicle, is a damn blessing because it feels like a jail cell to you.