8 Everyday Signs You Should Quit Your Job

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8 Everyday Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Take a look inside your wallet first.

| August 10, 2017

5. Your productivity levels are at an all-time low.

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3 hours into the work day, you realize you haven’t done anything work related, and you can’t motivate yourself into doing it.


6. You count down to the weekend.

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While everyone loves the weekend, some are lucky enough to find a job they are actually okay with going to 5 days a week. You, on the other hand, just find yourself floating through the work week and go to work just to get to Friday.


7. You hate your boss for no reason.

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Or for all the reasons you can possibly find. You hate him, just because.


8. You just wait for pay day.

You convince yourself that you love your job, just enough to stay until the next pay day. Never forget: it’s never too late to find a job that you’re passionate about and also pays well.


What other signs are there? Tell us about them below!