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8 Signs You’ve Transformed Into The Workaholic You Promised You’ll Never Be

When work is life.

| July 20, 2017

8 Signs

You’ve Transformed

Into the Workaholic

You Promised

You’ll Never Be

By   Camille Bacsa

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Since entering the magical world of adulting, work-life balance has become the buzz word, as elusive as a goal it might be. Achieving good work has always been a rewarding endeavour, however, when the going gets tough, sometimes it can unknowingly increase your stress response levels, releasing adrenaline and cortisol hormones in excess, which in turn can suppress other important functions like rest and digestion. This weakens our immune system, putting the body on constant overdrive – an extremely unhealthy place to be especially for extended periods of time. So in case you’re getting worried that you’re turning into a workaholic, check out the symptoms below and kick the urge before it takes over your life:

You think about work when you first open your eyes and before drifting off to sleep

Workaholics can’t turn their minds off work. If at rest you find that your subconscious is still trying to process feelings of stress from work, then I hate to break it to you, but you’re probably working too much and developing unnecessary anxiety from it.


You always seem to be the closing shift in your office

It’s commendable to not leave until priority work is accomplished, but it’s a whole other story if OTY-ing is becoming a regular occurrence. If you can pretty much live off the office and you constantly choose to do so, save for maybe showering and sleeping in an actual bed, then this is a red flag.


Proper sit-down lunches are foreign to you

Lunch is a necessary break from the monotony of work. If you constantly forego the chance to rest your eyes and interact with your coworkers in a more casual setting in order to keep working alone at your desk, then you’re totally sending workaholic vibes that honestly, may or may not earn brownie points for you at work. After all, it might give the impression that you are inefficient and cannot manage time well.


You don’t have time for gym/yoga/boxing/fitness anymore

During busy times, it’s always our health that we seem to forego first. Don’t forget your new year’s resolution to keep fit and strong, lest you want to keep indulging in the lame excuse “I’m too busy” while the best years of your life are passing you by.