Sinful Pinoy Putahes We Eat Anyway Because YOLO

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Sinful Pinoy Putahes We Eat Anyway Because YOLO

Pinoy classics we can’t live with and without.

| December 13, 2016

Sinful Pinoy Putahes We Eat Anyway, Because YOLO

By Baxter Jacinto


There’s no such thing as too much oil or fat when it comes to Filipino dishes. In fact, our palates are on the extreme side, so much so that when cheesecakes aren’t that sweet, for example, it just won’t pass our standards.

Although we’re aware that too much oil, salt and sugar are bad for our health, who can say no to our classic Filipino dishes, especially during this merry month and holiday season? Here’s a list of those sinful Pinoy putahes that make us go YOLO:

8. Chicharon


Deep fried pork rinds have long graced our tables and have been iconic Filipino snacks. What’s even worse is that we usually pair it with beers. Chicharon pa more!


7. Bulalo


Melt the collagen and fat of beef shanks, stir in some bone marrow, and you have the broth of the Bulalo–a beef dish  so delicious we’re willing to brave the Tagaytay  traffic just to suck on that marrow.


6. Lechon Kawali


Crispy deep-fried pork belly–the sheer thought of it conjures images of food so nasty yet so delicious at the same time. Who said you can’t have too much oil?


5. Kwek-kwek


These cute-looking street food babies are actually quailed eggs coated with a strange looking orange batter, then are deep fried until crispy. Street foods aren’t regulated in the country, and the vendors aren’t exactly sanitary-conscious. This makes eating these babies the surest way to get hepatitis and other diseases. Cheers!