Office Habits that are Making Your Skin Break Out

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Office Habits that are Making Your Skin Break Out

Stress isn’t the only culprit.

| April 7, 2016

SKINBREAKOUT_HEADEROffice Habits that are
Making Your Skin Break Out


Have you been earning zits along with your pay checks? Don’t worry, even the best of us that stick to a strict facial regimen get annoying pimples. So you’ve probably got the face-washing part down, but adult acne is triggered by a multitude of causes. The office, for example, can breed terrible habits that cause nasty breakouts.

Quit these 8 to break your breakout cycle.


8. Things only seem worse than ever.


You’ve been choosing office deadlines over personal care for far too long. The longer you postpone washing your makeup brushes, the more chances you have of getting pimples. Don’t forget—your make up brushes are magnets for germs and oil. What’s five minutes of giving them a proper bath compared to the days (or even months) of dealing with a breakout? Wash them at least once a week!


7. Getting catty with colleagues


The office is a stressful environment as it is. And it’s no secret that stress triggers acne for most people. Do you really want to amplify the stress level with unnecessary drama? Deal with friction as professional and as quick as possible. It’s for your own good, specifically for your beauty’s sake.


6. Daydreaming with a pose similar to this:


Procrastinating again? Aside from delaying your much-needed beauty sleep, procrastinating with that pose brings zit-inducing bacteria to your face. Remember that your hands are in contact with various surfaces in the office, from your dusty laptop to your oily sandwich.


5. Overdoing the hair products


Pat yourself on the back for putting in the effort to look put together at the office. But make sure you don’t do so using an absurd amount of hair product. Pomades, gels or other greasy hair supplies can drip onto your skin and clog your pores. If you’ve been getting pimples along your hairline, then how you’ve been styling your hair may be the culprit.