#Triggered: Pinoy Slang Invented in 2016

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#Triggered: Pinoy Slang Invented in 2016

Jeje is so last year.

| December 27, 2016


#Triggered: Pinoy Slang Invented in 2016

By Tynne De Leon


This year saw some new additions to our modern vocabulary. Thank you, millennials! For what it’s worth, some have got us laughing with the way they are delivered by people we know. While some had us scratching our heads, wondering what the hell these words meant and had us saying “anubey?”.

Here are some  words that were literally (this still means the same, right?)  made up this year:

8. Beshiecakes/Beshie/Besh/Bes

What it means: The latest slang for “friend.”

Ex. Beshiecakes, hanggang friends na lang ba tayo?


7. Mumshie

What it means: It’s like ‘beshie’, but reserved for a close friend.

Ex. Sa lahat ng mga bes, ikaw lang talaga ang nakakaintindi sa mga kalokohan ko. Salamat sa friensdship mumshie!


6. Shookt

What it means: Term used when a situation or a person has made you upset or excited.

Ex. Omg mumsh, crush din daw ako ng crush ko. I’m shookt!


5. Triggered

What it means: The more intense version of shookt.

Ex. Deadline na! Triggered na naman ‘yung boss ko!