8 Delicious Things the Internet has Taught Us to Cook

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8 Delicious Things the Internet has Taught Us to Cook

Because the Internet can make you a better person

| February 28, 2015


The Internet is a willing purveyor of all things delectable and some things fully expected of grownups. We’re run out of excuses—you can no longer say “sorry I can’t cook!” because now, at the age of mobile Internet access, any well-adjusted adult can get on their smartphone to look for and execute a recipe. Et voila—dinner! If you need some inspiration (and more convincing), here are just 8 things people have learned to make, thanks to the Internet.

internet-taught-us-to-cook_8 internet-taught-us-to-cook_8p

There’s nothing more fulfilling than making (what you can make with your hands in) a salad from scratch. See recipes here.

internet-taught-us-to-cook_7 internet-taught-us-to-cook_7p

So maybe you haven’t perfected baking or cracking the salt crust yet. What matters is that you can now eat what you cook, right? See recipe here.

internet-taught-us-to-cook_6 internet-taught-us-to-cook_6p

Did you ever imagine that there would be a place in the Internet that would tell you precisely how to make a legit version of your favorite spaghetti? See recipe here.

internet-taught-us-to-cook_5 internet-taught-us-to-cook_5p

You’ll never have to spend too much money for a good steak. See recipe here.

internet-taught-us-to-cook_4 internet-taught-us-to-cook_4p

It’s almost as simple as saying “it’s just eggs and vinegar!” See recipe here.

internet-taught-us-to-cook_3 internet-taught-us-to-cook_3p

There’s more to eggs than fried, scrambled and boiled. Next stop, Eggs Benedict!

internet-taught-us-to-cook_2 internet-taught-us-to-cook_2p

“Ultimate” is subjective. Good thing there’s one Internet lady who dissected the mysterious chocolate chip cookie through a series of baking experiments. See her experiments here.

internet-taught-us-to-cook_1 internet-taught-us-to-cook_1p

You know what they say, “everything’s better with bacon.” Get your fix here.


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