Things We Want Our Smartphones to be Able to Do for Us (Eventually)

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Things We Want Our Smartphones to be Able to Do for Us (Eventually)

Like, bring us world peace.

| May 24, 2017

Things We Want

Our Smartphones

to be Able

to Do for Us


By Therese Aseoche

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At this point, we have to accept the reality that one day our smartphones will be able to do absolutely everything we need in life. We can barely leave the house without our phones attached to our hands today — just think how much more dependent we would be in ten years’ time. (Pro-tip: Spike Jonze’s “Her” gives us a plausible preview.)

Our smartphones have done a lot for us, but here’s just a few more things on our bucketlist:

Automatically detect a drunk text or post

Via Hulu

We’ve had those moments of post-walwalan regret — social media posts we wish we’ve never uploaded and drunk texts to our ex or crush we wish we’ve never sent. What we do wish for is that one day our phones could automatically detect a drunk text or post and keep us from sending it out to public so we could keep our dignities intact the following day.


Help us find it when we accidentally lose it

Via TV One

Gone would be the days when we waste half an hour scavenging through our stuff in search for phones we accidentally misplace. All we’d have to do is scream, “Siri, where are you?” and they’d answer back, “In the laundry basket!”


Help us find other things we accidentally lose

Think handheld metal detector but it can find absolutely anything we’ve misplaced — from car keys to concert tickets.


Translate foreign languages via Screen

Sure, we have dictionary apps and the often handy-dandy Google Translate, but we still need a feature that helps us translate foreign languages with just one quick scan via our phone’s camera. No need to input characters! It would be a massive help with street signs and medicine labels.