Here’s a Sneak Peak of What to Watch Out For in Art Fair PH 2017

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Here’s a Sneak Peak of What to Watch Out For in Art Fair PH 2017

It’s art month!

| February 16, 2017

Here’s a Sneak Peak of

What to Watch Out For

in Art Fair PH 2017

By Therese Aseoche


This year’s Art Fair PH was promised to be bigger and better than ever before as it reaches its 5th year of celebrating art. Walking around the carpark-turned-gallery, you’ll find that Art Fair Philippines came through with their promise, showcasing amazing works of art and interactive installations that will delight artists and art enthusiasts alike.

Here’s a preview of what’s in store for you!

Volkswagen Car Auction

On display at the 5th floor which holds exhibits by sponsors and partners of the Art Fair is a Volkswagen Beetle designed by Arkiv Vilmansa. It’s up for grabs among generous bidders, so if you want a pretty, custom-made Beetle for yourself, go on and cast your bid!



Their “All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace” exhibit truly catches your attention as it is enclosed in steel sheets that make noise upon human touch. Within the enclosure, you’ll find different machines transformed into art—cassette tape strips that line the wall, record players that play vinyl records continuously, and a piece that plays a recorded conversation between two lovers while having sex in robotic voices.


The Langue Lounge

These may only seem to be a group of chairs at first glance, but you’ll notice something chillingly odd when you look closer. This exhibit by Jose Tence Ruiz and a few other collaborators and assistants aims to shed light on “the attitude of complacency and ease towards violence and death” which is very much relevant to our time.


The Oneiric Time Piece

Marc Aran Reyes’ artwork of illusory desert landscapes is a visual narrative of “a universe inside a sandglass.” Here, he expresses his interpretation of the endless cycle of time—of the future, past, and present—which can act as an onlooker’s respite for introspection.