Throwback Tunes: 8 Songs that are Turning 10 This Year

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Throwback Tunes: 8 Songs that are Turning 10 This Year

For the videoke machine this weekend.

| January 27, 2017

Throwback Tunes:

8 Songs that are Turning 10 This Year

By Therese Aseoche

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Are you ready to be reminded again of your age today?

Yeah, me neither. But when it’s about the music of our youth, then we’d gladly subject ourselves to a trip down memory lane. Here are just a few of the greatest songs that rocked our lives exactly 10 years ago:

15 Step – Radiohead


Fans and followers of Radiohead won’t ever forget the sneak attack they did—dropping their “In Rainbows” album on us like it was nothing. It definitely was something, though, because it was the album that deviated from their usual sound and fanfare, and “15 Step” was a wonderful opener to this unique experience that was about to unfold to the listener.


What I’ve Done – Linkin Park


Linkin Park’s most commercially successful song is actually starting to make more sense with the recent events that have been happening. Just watch their music video and see for yourself how spine-chilling it really is.


Good Life – Kanye West ft. T-Pain


Here’s a throwback to Kanye West’s original music style that further propelled him to fame and luxury. This serves as a gentle reminder to his haters and non-believers that Kanye West does sing and/or rap—and he was great at it too.


How Far We’ve Come – Matchbox20


This takes the cake for being the most eerily appropriate song in today’s time. It’s perfect to listen to while the world grows closer to its not-so-improbable demise.