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Throwback Tunes: 8 Songs that are Turning 10 This Year

For the videoke machine this weekend.

| January 27, 2017

Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne


It still shocks us that Avril Lavigne dropped this bubblegum rock bomb on all of us who were used to her emo punk sound that admittedly highlighted our teenage rebellious phase. But hey, we still oddly loved it; it was catchy as hell.


Crank Dat (Soulja Boy) – Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em


Before the dab, the nae nae, the running man, and all other trending moves we’ve seen in vines and videos, there was the Soulja Boy crank that we all desperately tried to master with swag. Because as long as we were able to do that, we didn’t have to understand what the hell Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em was singing.


This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race – Fall Out Boy


If there was a Fall Out Boy song that wins for being the most incoherently sung, this is it. But we never really cared that it was (nor did we ever bother to look up the actual words). We’d just scream at the top of our lungs while the song played and everyone would think we were actually singing the right lyrics.


Umbrella – Rihanna ft. Jay-Z


There’s much to be said when the Grammy Award for Song of the Year in 2007 was given to a song about something as simple as sharing an umbrella under the rain, but Rihanna’s powerful vocals and audacity to release it during the summer made it so worthy of the accolade. And we’re not going to lie; we still sing the song in our heads every time we reach for an umbrella—rain or shine.


What was your anthem in 2007? Share with us those songs below!