8 Awesome Feelings from Owning a Playstation

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8 Awesome Feelings from Owning a Playstation

It’s been 20 years!

| September 14, 2015


Want to feel old? The PlayStation One is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. That’s right. Sony’s Playstation officially went on sale on September 9, 1995 in the US (9 months after Japan), and helped change the way we see gaming.

On the console’s anniversary, gamers from all over the world gave their own loving tributes and paid homage to how the Playstation gave them all those fun times, all those memories and possibly all those sleepless nights as they went on numerous boss battles.

That said, let’s look at all the nostalgic highs and feelings Sony’s machine of awesome gave us in the ’90s.


You felt that you were at peace within and with the world around you. And oh, that sound was sheer euphoria to your ears.



With all the games you were playing, 8MB of space simply wasn’t enough. Another option was that you’d leave the console on all night until you beat the game since you couldn’t afford another memory card.



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“Mas maganda games ng Sega Dreamcast at mas maganda pa ang graphics. Sega also has Shenmue.”

No, just no. You’re wrong. Your opinion is wrong and you should feel bad.



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And when it broke, they suddenly disappeared.




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Whether it was Gran Turismo, Ridge Racer, the Need for Speed series or Crash Team Racing, the PS1 taught you how to drive. Though Crash Team Racing had a special place in your heart for all the times you made your friends’ cars go boom (and all the times you resented them for making yours explode)!

Who says video games never teach you anything?


Jump-scares were never your friend, and neither were the undead bursting through walls. Let’s not even get started on Silent Hill.


For those growing up in the ’90s, having a Playstation was the ultimate #blessed feeling. All those fun times playing those awesome games—mashing buttons in Tekken, finding all the Summons in Final Fantasy 7, dying a little inside whenever you hear “Snake…SNAAAAAAAKE” in Metal Gear Solid, learning how to rap in Parappa the Rapper, getting in touch with our dark side and wreaking total destruction in Twisted Metal, busting out kickflips in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. The list goes on and on.

We had fun times with the PS1. Heck, it helped shape who we are! As the Playstation turns 20, let’s get in touch with our inner child and take a trip back to a simpler time, when all we had to worry was beating the next boss.

Happy 20th anniversary!


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