Sottoisms: 8 Ridiculous Things Tito Sotto Has Ever Said and How He Should Have Said Them Instead

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Sottoisms: 8 Ridiculous Things Tito Sotto Has Ever Said and How He Should Have Said Them Instead

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| May 4, 2017

Sottoisms: 8 Ridiculous Things

Tito Sotto Has Ever Said

and How He Should

Have Said Them Instead

By Eldrin Veloso


Come on, let’s not kid ourselves, ok? You expect a certain level of decorum from senators not only because they are tasked to create new laws of the land, but also they represent the millions who elected them. They are always in the public eye.  Everything that they say or do bears the weight of the public office they are holding.

So, when you see them blurting out inappropriate jokes or acting more like buddies in the locker room than lawmakers of the upper house, you tend to be disappointed. It takes a lot of energy to restrain your parent side to pull them in the corner and say, “that’s not how you say things, senator, darling.”

Case in point: the four-termer senator, and current majority floor leader, Tito Sotto. Let’s review his, uhm, Sottoisms and maybe suggest on how he should have said his piece given that, you know, he’s a senator.

8. “The people who think this is plagiarism should think again. I did not copy it, I translated it. Do they know the spelling of ‘copy’ and ‘translate’? They have low IQ!”

Should be: “Thank you for the critique. I will try to improve my skills of putting my thoughts out with my own words.”

We all know too well that time when he can’t seem to apologize for his plagiarized speech. He defended that he translated Robert F. Kennedy’s speech and even said that he actually made a disclaimer about the quotes not being his own.

First of all, when you translate content, it is still plagiarism. Otherwise, di na magpapakapagod ang TV5 na bayaran ang rights ng mga pelikulang tinatagalog nila. Also, if you have already made a disclaimer, why would you need to defend your speech and explain how it is not a plagiarized one? It’s like failing to explain to your mother why you came home late: “Promise, nag-group study lang kami. Kita mo naman, hindi ako amoy beer at yosi. At, hindi yan pasa sa bugbugan, nadapa lang ako. Di niyo po ba alam ang spelling ng bugbugan at nadapa?”


7. “Grabe hindi lang reckless, ang tatanga. Kaya siguradong babagsak. Sa tunay na examination, 50 percent ng driver sa Pilipinas babagsak.”

Should be:“Let’s brainstorm on how we can improve implementing rules on the road.”

Whew! Ok. Hyperbole, fake statistics, derogatory words, narrow-minded definitions, admitting that the country has lower standards—you name it. But you might say, “Eh, that’s true naman. I feel the same way when I drive.” If we, ordinary citizens, are careful about saying bad things or wrong facts around children, what more  a person who’s constantly on camera? Let the people take care of the angst so the lawmakers can focus on thinking ideas to solve the very problem he was complaining about.

Plus, ang hirap kaya i-prove ang katangahan. We’ve been trying to do that for four terms now.


6. “Ang may kasalanan ng lahat ng yan, yung pag-inom, yung pashot-shot. Kababae mong tao, shot-shot ka.”

Should be: “I am sorry for the harassment you went through, Nena.”

A senator does not stop becoming a senator when he steps out of the senate. Like that obtuse remark he quipped on noontime show Eat Bulaga.  Take your pick—blaming the victim on national television, or influencing the audience towards that insensitive mindset—this has serious effect, aggravated by the fact that he holds a public office.


5. “Sa madaling salita, ibalik sa closet!”

Should be: “Let’s discuss your options regarding your situation, Diamond.”

Still on misguided advices, another Eat Bulaga episode saw a gay father asking for advice on how to spare his three children from being bullied. Jose Manalo suggested that he could change his look, to which Sotto seconded by suggesting he should get back in the closet.

Bigotry aside, I don’t think he would be asking for advice if  ‘going back inside the closet’ was that easy. They even suggested that it’s frightening should his sons show signs that they are also gay.

That’s kinda hard to take from a noontime show which has three crossdressers, one of which recently admitted he’s gay. Or from a senator, who has the power to make a fairer country.