8 Steps to Achieve Personal Success

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8 Steps to Achieve Personal Success

From leadership and motivation guru, Dr. Peter Chee

| April 8, 2015

We all want to be successful. From an early age we are (intentionally or unintentionally) made to equate one’s success with happiness in life. As we get older, however, we learn that success is a Hydra—a beast so difficult to tame that tales of success become myth and legend, whose many faces depend on your personal priorities. We’ve heard a million times that there is no quick elevator to the top, and that in order to be successful one must take the stairs.

Leadership and motivation guru Dr. Peter Chee, President and CEO of the Institute for Training and Development (ITD) World, sat down with 8List.ph to discuss his 8 steps to claiming success for yourself, and how to make being successful a habit.


Dr. Chee believes that one’s life must be purpose-driven—that it is only by determining your goals in life that you will be able to fully utilize your talent and potential in order to affect change in the world.


It’s important to come up with a plan of action; after all, would you climb a mountain blindfolded? You have to learn how to set your priorities and goals in order to keep track of your progress. Small improvements may seem insignificant at first, but by monitoring yourself you will be able to see just how far you have come, and how much father you have to go.


Education never stops! The people on top stay there because of constant innovation. In order to be successful, you must constantly seek what you can learn from each person, regardless of whether they are leaders in the industry or just particularly good at something. This way, you are able to pay respect to each person’s achievement while providing yourself an opportunity for growth.


In order for success to be sustainable, you have to strive for balance to avoid one aspect of your life suffering for another. Too much work and stress will have a negative impact on your health and relationships, which will hinder you from being happy and from moving forward. Practicing discernment, keeping your goals in mind, and sticking to your plan of action are all vital in achieving the right work-life-spiritual balance.


People are selfish—this is how most are wired. Dr. Chee asserts that in order to be successful, however you define “success,” you must learn to give lovingly of yourself. Whether it is being open to your family or towards the people you work with, giving yourself lovingly towards people develops and improves your relationships and makes you an overall happier person.


This is all about the law of attraction: If you’re grateful for being alive, and for each and every thing in your life, it will simply attract more good things. Gratitude is the mother of all virtues, after all. Happiness, health, and success follow.


How will you move forward if you’re still hung up over things that happened years, months, or even days ago? Anger is one of the heaviest things you can carry. Releasing all your excess baggage, all of the issues that hinder you from moving forward, will allow you new perspectives, new ideas, and most importantly new and better opportunities.


“Your presence is a present,” says Dr. Chee, “this is something that Filipinos love to do.” Enjoy life, whether it is celebrating small accomplishments or allowing yourself to only think about matters at hand.


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