Streaming Sites for Your Binge-Watching Needs

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Streaming Sites for Your Binge-Watching Needs

The future is now.

| November 7, 2017

Streaming Sites

for Your Binge-Watching


By Desiree Pore

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In the digital world we’re currently living in, almost everything can be found online; our entertainment needs changed ever since video-on-demand streaming sites were created. Thanks to these sites, we’ll never have to wait for another week just to watch our favorite TV show’s latest episode.

Wondering which streaming sites are available here in the Philippines? Check out our list below!


Monthly fee: Php 370 (Basic plan)
The mother of all streaming sites, Netflix changed the game when it aired its first original content, House of Cards, back in 2013. Since then, several of its “Netflix Originals” became hits worldwide: Stranger Things and Making A Murderer to name a few.

You can subscribe here.



Monthly fee: Php 149
While Pinoys subscribe to Netflix for its original shows, HOOQ is more of a “Filipino audience” friendly streaming site thanks to its extensive Filipino movies catalogue. Besides their catalogue, you can also watch the latest movies fresh off the big screen for only 125 pesos per movie! The streaming site will also be serving up some original content, starting with a mini-series based on the award-winning film On the Job.

You can subscribe here.



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Monthly fee: Php 129
iflix is one of the most affordable streaming sites here in the Philippines. With popular U.S. shows such as Mr. Robot and Fargo available exclusively on the site, iflix’s catalogue doesn’t disappoint. The streaming site will also focus more on original content, with Kris Aquino being named as its newest ambassador and is reportedly producing a film with the site.

You can subscribe here.



Monthly fee: Php 390 (for Smart subscribers)
Fox+ is the latest online streaming app to debut here in the Philippines. The streaming site’s content will come from their Fox TV channels such as Fox Sports, Fox Movies, and Fox Life (previously known as Star World); meaning, you can watch the latest episode of The Walking Dead on their site!

You can subscribe here.