The 8 Struggles People with FOMO Go Through

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The 8 Struggles People with FOMO Go Through

Grass is greener over there.

| October 18, 2016


The 8 Struggles People with FOMO Go Through

By Therese Aseoche

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FOMO: fear of missing out; the unease felt by people who think that elsewhere, others are having much more fun than they are. There are those lucky enough to not feel the need to be out and about on idle evenings, and then there are those like us who echo the words of a Little Mermaid song, “I wanna be where the people are!”

The struggles of having FOMO are far too many to count. Do any of these strike a nerve with you?

8. You hate checking your bank account


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You hate checking your bank account because you hate to admit that you’re spending way too much on Friday night parties and weekend barkada get-togethers you just can’t miss out on.


7. You always want to know what people are laughing about


Having FOMO makes you want to always be in the loop of things, and that includes office gossip and inside jokes. It drives you crazy when you see your group of friends laughing about who knows what in the corner of the room, or when you’re the only one on the table who doesn’t get the context of a joke. You end up sounding like a broken record, saying “Ano meron?” repeatedly until they tell you.


6. You’re always on your social media


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You just have to be in the know—world news, local gigs, parties your friends are making plans of going to…


5. …except when you miss a party and all your friends are there


You have to be in the know of everything, but only when you want to be. Seeing photos of friends at a party you couldn’t go to on your timeline is enough to get you off social media for the entire night while you ask yourself over and over why you stayed at home.