Summer Blockbuster Movies Coming Out 2018

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Summer Blockbuster Movies Coming Out 2018

Nothing beats watching movies on the big screen.

| April 5, 2018

Summer Blockbuster Movies

Coming Out 2018

By Kyzia Maramara

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Summer isn’t complete without spending some time in the cinema, sheltered from the scalding temperatures outside. After all, this summer’s blockbuster films are definitely worth a watch or two!

A Quiet Place, April 11

A family in a house in the woods must survive the evil forces that would hurt them if they so much as make the smallest sound. A Quiet Place stars John Krasinski (who also directed and co-wrote the screenplay) and his real life wife Emily Blunt. Summer isn’t an excuse to skip watching a scary movie like this!


Avengers: Infinity War, April 27

Thanks to Mr. Iron Man, we get to see the much awaited Infinity War days earlier! All your favorite Marvel superheroes will team up to defeat Thanos in an epic battle. When we say all we mean all: Black Panther, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, and about 30 more remarkable superheroes! Infinity War will also show us another glimpse at the fictional but beautiful world of Wakanda we’ve all come to love since Black Panther.


Love, Simon, May 9

This coming-of-age movie stars Nick Robinson as 17-year-old Simon on the road to coming to terms with his being gay. He falls in love with an anonymous gay classmate whom he has been exchanging emails with. Now, Simon must balance life, love, and friends, family and buckle up for one hilarious rollercoaster ride through his teenage years.


Deadpool 2, May 18

NSFW Deadpool is back to grace cinema screens again, this time he’s joined forces with another group of bad guys to prevent the extremely ripped Cable (Josh Brolin, who is also Thanos in Infinity War) from chasing a young mutant.