Sun Life Mirrors Real Life: Short Films That Will Make You Think About Preparing for the Future

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Sun Life Mirrors Real Life: Short Films That Will Make You Think About Preparing for the Future

Prepare for the future.

| July 1, 2017

Sun Life Mirrors Real Life:

Short Films

That Will Make You Think

About Preparing

for the Future

By 8List


Sun Life Philippines launches its new series of short videos to inspire people to go for their dreams. Dubbed Sun Shorts, the videos feature stories inspired by Sun Life clients’ stories, presented in such a way that is relatable to Filipinos of all ages. The first one they released is called Waves, and it is an eye-opener:


Can a love be strong enough to endure the currents of life? #sunshorts

Posted by Sun Life Financial Philippines on Wednesday, June 7, 2017


There, there. We’ve seen it a couple of times and it still tears us up. It’s sure to be one heck of an inspiring campaign, that’s for sure. But more than that, it captures some of life’s most unexpected moments, and opens our eyes to life’s unpredictable nature.

Here are some stages in one’s life where we’re given twists and turns, and some suggestions on how to prepare for them:

We think we have time, but no one is in control of the time we have


As we have seen in the “Waves” video, the time we have is not in our hands. That’s not being pessimistic at all; it’s a fact of life. And we are not even saying here that you should not have your fun–in fact, you should! But as with all things in life, we should strive for a healthy balance between YOLO and being a responsible individual. After all, wouldn’t life be more enjoyable knowing that when you splurge, all you’re eggs are not just in one basket?


I’m too young for that. Not me.

“Waves”, directed by Zig Marasigan gives a peek into the mindset of millennials, who are often criticized for adhering to the “YOLO” mindset and not preparing well enough for the future. Of course, that’s a stereotype. Whether it’s true or not is up for debate. We will say this: The young can be forgiven in thinking that way. They’re young.

Nonetheless, it’s still a shock whenever we hear someone so young suffer tremendous setbacks, both in their health or in their social standing. These are gentle reminders to us all that we should never take things for granted, nor be caught unprepared–no matter what age you are at.



Life has a way of turning your world upside down. Like when you have a child.

Kids. Anyone who’s had them can attest to how much unconditional love one can give to someone who has yet to realize their worth in this world. But the pressure that comes with being a parent is tremendous. We’re not gonna lie, it can be overwhelming. But nothing in life is insurmountable. All you need to have is careful planning.

It doesn’t matter what age you’re at when you have your kid. What matters is that you start planning now for you and your kid’s future.


Don’t drown yourself in too much work.

As can be seen in the video above, sometimes we justify the long hours we spend at work by saying it’s all for the benefit of our children. But the time we spend away from them takes away from actual parenting. Whether you’re young and single or older with kids, careful planning is needed for you to be able to enjoy life and its many adventures.