8 Ways to Style Your Table Like a Pro

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8 Ways to Style Your Table Like a Pro

Become the King/Kween of dinner parties!

| July 19, 2016


8 Ways to Style
Your Table Like a Pro

By Seph Montajes

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Styling your table is like choosing an outfit: you have to consider your personality, favorite colors, budget, mood, and so on. And, much in the way that successfully putting a killer outfit together can give you an overwhelming sense of satisfaction, so can the perfect table setting. Whether you think that your dining set-up deserves a make-over or you’ve got a dinner party planned, here are a few hacks to get that table looking spiffy.

8. Lighting is everything.


Lighting is always key—and this goes double for making your food look more appetizing. While we know that you took days painstakingly deciding on your dining room light, there are a couple of ways you can up your lighting game. Remember that the wider the opening of the lamp, the more illumination you get out of it—after all, no one likes an insane electricity bill from having to use multiple bulbs every time you eat. You could also switch to a warm bulb as this is softer and more flattering. Finally, remember that the best light quality is attained when the light is installed 36 inches from the ceiling.


7. A killer centerpiece is vital.


To add a pop of color to your dining table, add a centerpiece. It may be as simple as a basket of fruits, a couple of scented candles, or a vase of flowers. The brighter the centerpiece, the less your guests will focus on anything else.


6. Take on themes.


Raise your hand if you love themes! Don’t be afraid to go all out for special occasions, whether it’s as simple as a printed table runner or color-coordinated glasses.


5. Let there be bright.


For those who are due for a table makeover, you should consider setting your dining area up in bright colors or bold patterns. Even if you’re into minimalism, this could be a welcome change. If you’re looking to start hosting more, or just creating a warmer and more inviting space in general, invest in some new upholstery or paint.