8 Tall Guy Problems

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8 Tall Guy Problems

Iba na ang matangkad.

| October 12, 2016


8 Tall Guy Problems

By Tim Henares

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As someone who stands six feet tall in a country where the average is just under five feet and four inches, being a tall person has its perks, but it also has a lot of its pitfalls, especially if you’re not the athletic type. Here are just a few of those issues.

8. You can’t help but slouch most of the time.


It’s really hard to always have straight posture when you’re tall, especially when most backrests can’t even accommodate your back.


7. Buying off the rack is rarely a good option.


Unless you want every single shirt to be a hanging shirt, that is.


6. People don’t want you to ride shotgun.


Because you need to move back your seat and squish the poor passenger behind you.


5. Riding in a plane is a nightmare.


Nothing in a plane is made for tall people. Not the seats, not the aisle, and certainly not the lavatory.