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Mark Zuckerberg’s Awkward Two-Day Hearing

What’s on your mind?

| April 13, 2018

Zuckerberg gets called to congress for a joint hearing

And so with all these alarms, Zuckerberg finally gets a call from the US congress. In a two-day hearing, he testified before the United States House of Representatives committee on energy and commerce, and was asked questions for about 5 hours each day. Through it all, Zuckerberg has maintained a patient façade, looking like a robot, or maybe an emotionless face is his defense mechanism.

Zuckerberg admitted that even he is a victim of the data leak to Cambridge Analytica, which is why he is keen on fixing the problem and assuring billions of users that they’re safe in his site.

The hearing required Zuckerberg to answer questions from dozens of senators and congressmen, most of whom haven’t done their homework and ended up asking him some senseless questions which resulted into a whole big awkward explanation of the internet.


Which turned out to be just explaining the digital age to the elderly

A guy who probably spends most of his time in front of a computer screen now had to face hundreds of cameras aimed at him, and a number of senators, congressmen, and congresswomen would like to be enlightened on how the world of the internet runs, apparently. The whole hearing was a great source material for memes and smart-ass netizens.

These are just a few of the questions he had to answer:

Mark Zuckerberg Explains the Internet (to Old People)!

It’d be painful to watch if it wasn’t so funny.

Posted by CNET on Wednesday, April 11, 2018


They didn’t even bother to research to grill him better. A major face palm! Being how old they are isn’t an excuse, they had plenty of time to study the case, right?!

But it’s thanks to that we got this precious smile bar meme:

Zuck has had enough!

What now?

Should you then now deactivate your account and erase any link you have on Facebook because it allegedly uses your information without your consent? If you feel strongly about this then please, by all means, do. It’ll better your life, believe me.

Zuckerberg has promised to do his best to secure Facebook users’ information from third parties. In the meantime, who are we kidding? We all know whether breach of data or not, most of us would still love to use and retain our Facebook account. It has become a staple in our lives that without it, a lot of things will change.

The bottom line is..

Basically it all boils down to this: we are increasingly depending on everything digital. That means there will always be that risk of leaking private information to (bad) people out there. Yes, the idea sucks. And if Zuckerberg is sincere,  he should be able to put an end to this fiasco. And the whole thing remains your gamble. If you want absolute privacy, the internet is probably not the best place to store your secrets.


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