The 8 Best Games That Sony Presented at E3


The 8 Best Games That Sony Presented at E3

Break out your pray station and ask the Lord for these games to come sooner.

| July 1, 2017

The 8 Best Games

That Sony Presented

at E3

By Matthew Arcilla

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While Nintendo wowed us all with a dizzying array of new content for both its current consoles, the company that PlayStation built – let’s face it, gaming is Sony’s most profitable division – focused entirely on in-depth looks and lengthy demos of their most hyped projects. Here’re just eight of the greatest games that Sony showed us at E3.

8. Vampyr

Blink and you might have missed this ten minute long gameplay demonstration of this role-playing game. It’s from Dontnod Entertainment, the team behind the episodic adventure hit, Life is Strange, and  the cult classic Remember Me. In Vampyr, you play as a high ranking military surgeon who is beginning to deal with the changes he’s undergoing as a freshly turned vampire.


7. Monster Hunter: World

This could finally be the series’ break out hit in the West. Once more players are tasked with the role of a Hunter who tracks down and captures or kills large monsters that roam the world. Featuring the series’ hallmarks of combat, resource gathering and crafting, Monster Hunter: World will feature the largest and most monstrous wilderness in series history.


6. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Nathan Drake’s adventure may be over, but that doesn’t mean an end to Chloe Frazer’s. This standalone continuation of the Uncharted series pairs her up with Nadine Ross, exploring a new relationship as they work together to acquire the tusk of Ganesh. Except the same intense cinematic action from past installments, and a darker, more grounded mindset reflecting Chloe’s temperament as a treasure hunter.


5. Hidden Agenda

Supermassive Games’ choose your own adventure horror game, Until Dawn, was a sleeper success. While ostensibly a single player game, many ended up playing it in group parties. To that end, the UK-based developer has built their next game with that in mind. Hidden Agenda lets up to five players, using smartphones, direct a homicide detective and a district attorney as they work to defeat a serial killer named the Trapper.