The 8 Types of People in Your Barkada (And What You Should Give Them This Christmas)

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The 8 Types of People in Your Barkada (And What You Should Give Them This Christmas)

When gift-giving for beshies becomes a struggle.

| December 6, 2016

4. The “Papunta na ako”


This friend is your favorite among them all. You try your hardest to set a specific meet-up time for this friend to follow—a time that’s actually two hours ahead of what you told the other more punctual friends in the barkada—and this friend will always, always show up an hour later than everyone else. You don’t know how they manage to do it all the time. You’ve given up trying to find out.

The perfect gift: A stylish watch they won’t keep their eyes off of.


3. The Techie


They know all the latest trends in the tech industry. They’re your go-to opinion leader to help you with technology-related decisions such as which new phone to get…that is, as long as you’re ready for their stream of questions like “Does image resolution matter to you?” and “How big do you want the screen size to be?” and “What kind of features are you looking for?”

The perfect gift: A power bank.


2. The Caffeine Addict


Trust this friend to always say to the barkada, “Mag-Starbucks tayo!” They can’t function well without a coffee mug in hand and will brave long lines patiently just to have their caffeine fix. They’re also always the first one to complete a Starbucks and/or Coffee Bean sticker card (which, if they’re kind enough, would willingly give it to you for free).

The perfect gift: A mug that suits their tastes.


1. The Barkada DJ


Leave all the tunes to this friend. Whether it’s for road trips, for barkada hohols at home, or for birthday parties, they know exactly what kind of music to play from their long list of pre-made Spotify playlists.

The perfect gift: Bluetooth speakers and earphones.


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