The Anatomy of the Embarrassing Viral Road Rage Video

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The Anatomy of the Embarrassing Viral Road Rage Video

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| December 21, 2017

The Anatomy

of the Embarrassing

Viral Road Rage Video

By Tim Henares

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Recently, yet another video of an incident of road rage went viral, where a lady who was apparently cut by a taxi driver lashed out at said taxi driver, who may or may not have had a stroke while all this was going on…

CHERISH SHARMAINE the viral girl

This is to let you know that one of your employees named CHERISH SHARMAINE INTERIOR SLAPPED AN OLD TAXI DRIVER, because “apparently” the cars they were both

driving got too close to each other earlier today. Also, according to some witnesses this woman allegedly hit the poor driver with a golf club.

Most of us have family members who are elderly and I am very angry that this kind of attitude exists! This old man is just trying to earn a decent amount of

money for a living, and NO ONE IS ALLOWED, WHATEVER YOUR STATUS IN LIFE, TO HURT ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. Our elders deserve their dignity and our respect!

We hope you will firmly stick with your principle. We hope you will not tolerate and employ this woman in your company. Please, do not let this woman

represent your company!

Posted by PirataMovies on Sunday, December 17, 2017

It didn’t really matter who was right or wrong anymore, as quickly, the internet was out for the blood of the lady, who astutely decided to keep mum and deactivate her Facebook, before she ended up being on the receiving end of our brand of internet justice.

While not all embarrassing viral videos are created equal, here is the blueprint that makes this one up pretty handily…

8. A video taken out of full context.

You will notice, looking at the video, that in this instance, both the taxi driver and the lady have already moved from their initial position of confrontation, since instead of the taxi driver cutting the lady, her car now looks like it’s the one cutting the cabbie. Most netizens used only this part as their point of reference, and proceeded to draw judgments from there.


7. Only one party is behaving badly on camera.

While both parties clearly had problems, and while we should never tolerate the violence this lady resorted to, the video clearly depicts only her behaving in a manner not acceptable to the judgmental internet.


6. You either hear or can just imagine the side comments by the one taking the video.

Since more often than not, these instances of road rage are documented by bystanders than either of the participants, it’s almost a guarantee you would hear their take on the topic while their cameras are rolling. Really helps you draw your own conclusions.


5. Video is usually left with a “you be the judge” disclaimer.

“You be the judge” here is an invitation for all of us to be assholes towards whomever the video taker deems to be at fault in the video.